The Sensory Lab employs about twenty part-time food science and dietetic students to give hands-on experience with material learned in their classes. Panelists are drawn from the very diverse campus and surrounding community and are screened prior to testing by an experienced recruiter to fit desired paneling criteria. The Sensory Lab is considered by some to be the best place to work or visit on the BYU campus!
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Dr. Michelle Lloyd, Ph.D.
Dr. Michelle Lloyd
Dr. Michelle Lloyd received Bachelor’s (1999) and Master’s (2003) degrees in Food Science from BYU. She managed the BYU Food Quality Assurance Lab while pursuing Master’s degree. Her thesis was on the acceptability and nutritional quality of nonfat dry milk stored up to 29 years. Upon graduation, she worked for a year and a half as a research associate and mentored undergraduate students in testing the quality of other long-term stored foods as well. Then she moved to Raleigh, NC where she received her PhD in Food Science, with a minor in Food Safety, from North Carolina State University. Her dissertation was on flavor and stability of US-produced whole milk powder. While at NC State, she was a member of trained descriptive panels for cheese and dried dairy ingredients. She joined BYU’s Department of Nutrition, Dietetics and Food Science as a visiting faculty member in October 2008 and taught courses in food chemistry, food analysis, and essentials of food science. In Sept 2011, she became the Manager of the Food Technology Research Center, which includes oversight of the Sensory Lab, the Pilot Plant, the Food Quality Assurance Lab, and the Food Microbiology Lab. She enjoys mentoring students and continues to serve as an advisor to the Food Science Club and College Bowl team. Her research interests involve studying food shelf-life and emergency preparedness.

Her parents live in Layton, UT and she enjoys getting together with her family to celebrate birthdays and other special occasions. In her spare time, she might be found reading, cooking, hiking, visiting with friends and family, or trying to get “organized”.